How To Play Office God (Part 3: Pitfalls)

In Part 1 of the “How To Play Office God” blog series we covered the basics of what you’re trying to do as general manager, and in Part 2 explored some of the additional tools you’ll use along the way. Now in Part 3 we’ll examine what can go wrong.


Every employee has three stats:

  • Skill, which determines how many stars a department will earn for a Department Synergy
  • Accuracy, determining how often the employee will mess up your assignment
  • Obedience, which affects how often the employee will reject an assignment

Yup, that’s right, a puzzle game where sometimes your moves are changed due to incompetence or flat out ignored because of a bad mood. Do they make Nobel Prizes for browser games? We’ll soon find out!


In the previous screenshot we see George Muir has an obedience of zero. Combined with his current Job Satisfaction this creates a JERK PROBABILITY of 43%, displayed below the character himself, anytime you’re assigning tasks. As his Job Satisfaction increases, his Jerk Probability decreases with his rising contentment, as you’d expect. Similarly, as each employee becomes less satisfied with the job, the higher their Jerk Probability becomes. Satisfied employees are productive employees.

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Have You Ever Wanted to Work in an Office?

Office God is a persistent web game and interactive comic… thing.

A number-matching puzzle game of assigning work inside a big picture game of managing personalities and conflicts via emails with your co-workers. New content EVERY DAY as the employees stay topical on current events. Persistent gameplay as the office continues even while logged off.

  • Daily content updates as employees stay topical and relevant. Log in every day to see what your employees are talking about now. Laughs guaranteed.
  • All content recorded into the Office God Flashback Time Machine for re-watching and re-reading again and again. Link your favorite skit to your friends.
  • Persistent world that continues even while you’re logged off. Don’t abandon your team.
  • Beautiful simplistic isometric graphics that aren’t pixel art.
  • Audio.
  • An experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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