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Mad Max: Fury Road – Hieronymus Bosch and Top Gear meet in the desert
If Francisco Goya painted Heavy Metal magazine, it’d look something like Fury Road
…a rollicking Grand Theft Auto revamped by Hieronymous Bosch
…set in a post-apocalyptic world as it might be grotesquely imagined by the 15th-century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.
Imagine if Cirque du Soleil reenacted a Hieronymus Bosch painting and someone set the theatre on fire.
…the vision is that of Salvador Dali, with a touch of Hieronymus Bosch.
Immortan Joe is tyranny made flesh, the sort of human-twisting horror you might find in Goya’s “The Disasters of War.”

Kim Jong Un’s Filial Piety Feats


Link from this log: New North Korea textbook: Kim Jong Un learned to drive at age 3

South Korea’s TV Chosun reported the text claimed Kim Jong Un can draw well and knows how to compose music.

The most bizarre claims, however, are the statements of Kim’s early driving ability and yachting prowess.

“At the age of 9, Kim Jong Un raced the chief executive of a foreign yacht company, who was visiting North Korea at the time,” the text reads in translation, adding that Kim won the race despite the odds.

Lee Seok-young, the South Korean director of Radio Free Chosun, a media outlet that covers North Korea, said the text brings into question how the teachers are expected to deliver the incredible statements to students in a school setting.