The Time Machine (Game Engine Blog, Part 1)

Hello. My name is Craig. I am the other guy who made Office God. The developer.

I’m going to be talking about a few of the key features of Office God and their various interactions and ramifications on/with the rest of the game. In this post, and probably in another post (and possibly a third one also) I’ll be discussing the TIME MACHINE — yes, Office God has a time machine. The world of plastics is exciting.

My development blog posts will accidentally double as a postmortem for a game that was not so much designed as grew organically from a vaguely-defined base. The base only nominally resembles the end product. [Hey!!! It was indeed designed, just very poorly. —Blackwell]


The TIME MACHINE has two main facets/features:

  1. Key moments in the game can be revisited and shared with friends.
  2. The game runs while you’re not playing it.

This first game engine blog will start addressing feature 1… You know… because I called it 1 and it makes more sense to talk about it first.

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