How To Play Office God (Part 1: Your Intentions)

An interesting aspect of beta testing Office God was discovering that the occasional tester would decide to create their own gameplay rules. At first I was excited to read these bug reports, full of new ideas and ways of approaching the gameplay of Office God. “Is this some of that ’emergent gameplay’ I’ve heard about from California and New York?!”, I’d wonder. But instead of personal compliments and praise for the fun time had, the reports were full of anger and misery from the tester, accusing the game of being wrong. A player would decide that, say, an employee should be finished with her work already because “she’s been at it long enough”, and though I love the emotional investment this player has made, he has set himself up for a huge disappointment.

Eventually this style of bug report was ignored and filed under “Make the Tutorial Better and/or Find Smarter Friends.” In an effort to cut down on people imagining their own rules to the game, how about I just tell you what they are?



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How To Play Office God (Part 2: Additional Supporting Moves)

Part 1 of this explanatory blog series established the two-step process for progressing in the game: (1) create synergies to earn stars, (2) use stars to complete boss projects.

But it’s not always that simple of course. Things get in the way of creating department synergies. The right workload folders might not come available when you need them, the employees in a department might have workloads that are far too different from each other, you might have to leave work early to pick up your kid from daycare, there’s those cooking classes you’ve been meaning to sign up for, the second language you’ve abandoned on Duolingo, the after work drinks you’re having with increasing frequency, the virus your computer probably has because it’s been so slow lately, the feeling of futility as failures pile up, your arrival at work later and later each morning, the wretched feeling in your stomach that grows each meeting, the hours spent staring out the window in envy of the landscaping crew… Suddenly you wake up in your 40s and wonder what happened to the idealistic young middle manager who loved nothing more than making department synergies.


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How To Play Office God (Part 3: Pitfalls)

In Part 1 of the “How To Play Office God” blog series we covered the basics of what you’re trying to do as general manager, and in Part 2 explored some of the additional tools you’ll use along the way. Now in Part 3 we’ll examine what can go wrong.


Every employee has three stats:

  • Skill, which determines how many stars a department will earn for a Department Synergy
  • Accuracy, determining how often the employee will mess up your assignment
  • Obedience, which affects how often the employee will reject an assignment

Yup, that’s right, a puzzle game where sometimes your moves are changed due to incompetence or flat out ignored because of a bad mood. Do they make Nobel Prizes for browser games? We’ll soon find out!


In the previous screenshot we see George Muir has an obedience of zero. Combined with his current Job Satisfaction this creates a JERK PROBABILITY of 43%, displayed below the character himself, anytime you’re assigning tasks. As his Job Satisfaction increases, his Jerk Probability decreases with his rising contentment, as you’d expect. Similarly, as each employee becomes less satisfied with the job, the higher their Jerk Probability becomes. Satisfied employees are productive employees.

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