Have You Ever Wanted to Work in an Office?

Office God is a persistent web game and interactive comic… thing.

A number-matching puzzle game of assigning work inside a big picture game of managing personalities and conflicts via emails with your co-workers. New content EVERY DAY as the employees stay topical on current events. Persistent gameplay as the office continues even while logged off.

  • Daily content updates as employees stay topical and relevant. Log in every day to see what your employees are talking about now. Laughs guaranteed.
  • All content recorded into the Office God Flashback Time Machine for re-watching and re-reading again and again. Link your favorite skit to your friends.
  • Persistent world that continues even while you’re logged off. Don’t abandon your team.
  • Beautiful simplistic isometric graphics that aren’t pixel art.
  • Audio.
  • An experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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